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Spanish army
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Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra

Coat of arms of the Operational Logistic Force

Operational Logistics Force (FLO)

Units in operations


Tsunami in Indonesia

Tsunami in Indonesia

In January 1989, the Army started to participate in multinational operations and a very significant number of the soldiers have shown how prepared and professional our Army is. Nowadays, overseas operations have undergone vast changes and have become more complex and demanding. In turn, this has lead to the Army notably improving the preparation, equipment, and training. Moreover, it has boosted our logistical capabilities and improved procedures which are more flexible and efficient, resulting in a full logistical involvement in operations.

There are many places where the military members of the Logistic Units have rendered and continue to render their services, whether it is by belonging to an Expeditionary Logistics Group or by forming part of one created to provide support to military men in different missions: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Irak, Pakistan, The Congo, The Lebanon, Ethiopia, Haiti, Albania provide good examples.

From its very establishment, and besides its missions, The Operational Logistic Force participates in the planning and execution of overseas operations of the Army. It is also committed “to generating the Forces that establish the Spanish base in AntarcticaUnits which provide logistic support to the contingents of the Army in operation areas” and it currently deploys logistic units in Afghanistan within the framework of the International Assistance for Safety Force (ISAF) and in the Lebanon in the provisional Force of the United Nations for the Lebanon (FINUL)

The contribution of the Operational Logistic Force to the Antartic Campaign is worthy of mention with its logistic support to scientific tasks, along with maintenance of the installations of the Spanish base “Gabriel de Castilla,” being the main tasks carried out and accomplished there.