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Ministry of Defence

Ejército de Tierra

Coat of arms of the Operational Logistic Force

Operational Logistics Force (FLO)

Main activities


"Pascua Militar" in A Coruña

The commander in chief of the Operational Logistic Force is the institutional representative of the Armed Forces in the Autonomous Communities of Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla León, and the Basque Country and therefore represents or delegates representation of the Armed Forces in official acts which are held in the aforementioned Communities. 

A high-profile event is the "Pascua Militar" act which is held every year on the 6th January in the Throne Chamber of the Palace of "Capitanía General" in A Coruña and is attended by civilian and military authorities.



Logistic deployment in Afghanistan

Logistic deployment in Afghanistan

During the planning stage of operations and in coordination with the commander of the Land Force, proposals are developed for the logistical structure of each operation. The units which must provide Direct Support and General Support, as well as the capabilities of the Organic Support to each unit are also included.


The FLO coordinates the creation of Expeditionary Logistic Units, equipping them with the capabilities and resources ordered by the commander of the Army Staff and it checks their capability in the operational-logistical procedures in force.

It develops and coordinates the operational training programs which allow the units to fulfil the criteria outlined by the commander of the Army Staff. In this way, it programs and directs the corresponding training drills for the different logistic functions.

It sustains the forces deployed in operations, providing the necessary logistic support and it directs and coordinates the financial resources, recruitment, accountancy and it administers the financial resources allocated for overseas use. Thus, it adapts the logistical procedures to each operation planned by the Army, controlling how these are carried out and it keeps checks on the inventory of the equipment deployed.


 There is a monitoring and quality control of the services subcontracted to companies so as to support specific functions to the units deployed overseas.


It provides logistic support to the Army units of other countries on national territory, mainly at the national manoeuvres firing range camp at San Gregorio.


Hospital in Lorca

Hospital in Lorca

The Operational Logistic Force will be able to undertake support operations to the civil authorities in peace keeping times which would imply using their resources for the benefit of the inhabitants so as to prevent or be ready in cases of risk, catastrophe or disaster or any other public incident similar in nature.