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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra

Buenavista Palace

Ambassadors' Living Room

Vista general


Alfonso XII de Gandarias

Alfonso XII (Gandarias work)

This is one of the most spacious and successful living rooms in the Palace. Decorated with walls richly covered by a vivid red cloth that contrasts with the lacquered white doors and golden ornaments of classicistic style, it is brought out the vault that takes up the wide central space and that presents fake very well-made coffers. In both sides of the vault we find representations of the Army and the Navy (as a consecuence of the double condition of Manuel Godoy, as General of the Army and General Admiral of the Navy).

The principal lamp can be defined as "spectacular" ; it consists on two floors made of golden bronze, and decorated with lions, dragons and "military trophies".

Over the central chest of drawers, and adorned by candelabras with similar topics like the principal lamp, it rests a huge French-style clock ornamented with Spain Kingdoms' standards and shields.

In the lateral chest of drawers, adorned with the same style of candelabras, there are two equestrian statues, one of them is Alfonso XIII, by Mariano Benlliure, and the other one is Alfonso XII, by Justo de Gandarias.

From the walls there are two hanging pictures with representations of the Spanish Kings: Charles III, from the Maella School, and Juan Carlos I, by Alfredo Enguix, from Valencia. Over the chimney, made of white marble, there is a French clock made of blue marble, belonging to the first half of the 19th Century, decorated with pedestal candelabras made of bronze and a porcelain vase from Sèvres, with golden vetable ornamentations and pastoral scenes with oval medallions.