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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra

Buenavista Palace

Lost steps Anteroom.

Vista general


Retrato de Fernando VII de Goya

Fernando VII´s portrait (Goya painting)

This hall is presented as one of the most elegant and splendid corners in the palace. It is covered by a graceful barrel vault with coffers consisting on golden vegetable themes over a white background. At the front there are represetations of classic figures made of marble, and from the floor a lamp with empire-style is hung.

At both sides of the window that gives access to the Quijote Living Room (Salón Quijote in Spanish), there are two Zacarías González Velázquez's works, and, opposite to them, two Ferdinand VII's portraits. The one situated at the left, by the Aragonese painter Francisco de Goya, represents the Monarch in his youth, while the other one, placed at the right, painted by Vicente López Portaña 20 years later, reveals a more mature king.

In both sides of the door that addresses us to the Ambassadors' Living Room, there are two tapestries whose authors are Guillermo de Anglois and José del Castillo.

Flanking the entrace to the banqueting dining room, and in between the black columns with golden capitals, two female busts from the 18th Century, works by the Genoese sculptor Francesco María Shiaffino, complete the decoration, under Maria de Medicis' pleasure, stayed at niches with scallop shells.

From the furniture, a pair of wardrobes ("entredós" in Spanish) are highlighted; over them there are two porcelain vases from Sèvres.