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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra

Buenavista Palace

Battles Hall

Escultura y ascensor

Battle hall

Escena de batallas

Esteban March´s painting scene

Magnificent room whose name is given by the battle paintings belonging to the Thirty Years' War that are placed on its walls.

It is also known as the Shell living Room ("el Salón de las Conchas" in Spanish) because of its roof's decoration. In each of its four corners there is a framed scallop shell in golden palms where each of the distinctive medieval military orders are shown.

Over the Luis XV style table situated in the centre of the hall, there is a sculpture of the King Charles III, made by the contemporary author Sergio Blanco.

The magnificent framed mirror in fine details of golden marquetry, hides a curious camouflaged lift, armour-plated during the 2nd Republic.

The decoration is completed by a golden lamp with Elizabethan style and a couple of Venetian mirrors.

An isolated corridor from this lounge keeps a painting entitled "Acto de devoción de Rodolfo I de Hansburgo", belonging to Rubens' school.