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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra

Buenavista Palace

Audiences Room

Vista general



Detalle del techo

Sailing details

During almost a whole year it was considered War, Army or Defense Minister's office (dependig on the period of time). Nowadays it is used for solemn audiences.

With a dominating empire-style and richly decorated Pompeian-style floors, this room has its origins when the palace was owned by Manuel Godoy. It is magnificently decorated with walls covered with hangings and by mahogany wood, highlighting the mythological figures situated above the doors.

Over the chimney, with Luis XVI style and decorated with semiprecious stones, there is a bronze clock with representation of two Spanish soldiers from the 19th Century. In the upper part, over the mirror, forming a group, there is a little golden bust of Manuel Godoy, decked by distinctive insignias (El Toisón de Oro, Ducal Crown and a ship representing his condition of General Admiral).

Inside of the furniture, there are two stressed figures. A table, whose board is from Philip V's time, and that was probably used by the King; and a couch in which the first cures to General Prim took place, after the attacks that he suffered at Turco Street (known as Marqués de Cubas nowadays) and that ended with his life. The tapestries has remained intact from that fateful day as a tribute to the significant General.