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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra

Buenavista Palace

Teniers Living Room

Vista panorámica

Panoramic view


La caza del jabalí de Goya

La caza del jabalí (Goya painting)

Decorated by rich tapestries made by "Real Fábrica de Tapices" in Santa Bárbara. It is inspired by cardboards that were painted by some of the most famous painters from that time such as Andrés de la Calleja, Van Loo, Guillermo de Anglois, Antonio González Velázquez, Antonio González Ruíz or Matías Téllez, that also got inspired by the flamenco folklore characteristic from the flamenco author David Teniers in the 17th Century.

In one of the sides of the living room we discover a tapestry different from the rest. Its title is "La Caza del Jabalí" and it belongs to the first series, with hunting topics and made during the kingdom of Charles III for Príncipe de Asturias' rooms in the Royal Place of El Escorial. It has a peculiar historical value, because it is a tapestry inspired by the first Francisco de Goya's cardboard.

From the room, with neoclassical inspiration, decorated by amphoras and garlands, hung an Isabelline lamp made of bronze and class.

The floor, as almost in all living rooms from the palace, is covered by carpets made in Fábrica de Tapices.

The clocks' collection continues, highligting this time a couple of clocks with the figure of Zar Alejandro I.