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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra

Buenavista Palace

Assistants' Room

Obra de Federico de Madrazo

Federico de Madrazo´s painting (Foto:DECET)

Usual working place of JEME's (Chief of General Army Staff) assistants; it is the first large room of the palace.

Its decoration, characterized for being Charles IV style, shows a smooth roof with corners decorated with golden medallions beside women's busts, from where a bronze and glass Isabelline lamp, made in "Real Fábrica de Cristales de la Granja", is hung. Over one of the chest of drawers made of mahogany wood, we find a peculiar and prismatic clock made of black marble, with frieze of relief figures, clearly influenced by a classical style and rounded off at its upper part with a geographer's figure wearing a suit from the 16th Century.

Over the table of rococo style situated in the centre of the room, there is a figure of a cuirassier riding a horse.

However, without any doubt, the most highlighted items from this room are the four portraits that hang from its walls: Philip V de Van Loo, Luís I de Jean Ranc, Carlos IV anonymous from the School in Madrid, and Isabel II handing in her lap Infant Isabel "la Chata", work by Federico Madrazo, Romantic painter from the beginning of the 19th Century.




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