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The `San Marcial´ Division carried out the `MS Coordination 22´ exercise

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Number: 9029

It is the main annual exercise of the Division

The “San Marcial” Division carried out, between June 1st and 17th, the “MS Coordination 22” exercise, in which approximately 1.600 troops, 200 vehicles and 10 helicopters took part.

Under the control of the Division Headquarters, the maneuvers were carried out simultaneously in different locations of the Autonomous Communities of Castile and Leon, La Rioja, Cantabria, Madrid and Castile – La Mancha, where various units have been deployed: Air Assault Forces of the Army, Special Operations Command, Mountain Troop Command, “Almogávares” VI Prachute Brigade and number one Information Operations Regiment.

Equally, it is worth mentioning the participation in this exercise of units from other countries, such as France, Portugal and the United States, observers from the Argentinian Army, the Navy and the Civil Guard, integrated in the structures of Command and Control, as well as personnel of the Air Force. The “MS Coordination” exercise is the main annual exercise in the field of the “San Marcial” Division, and it mainly focuses on coordination, planning and realization of two exercises: “Empecinado” (stubborn in Spanish) and “Listed Paratrooper”, in which all the capacities are integrated.

With this kind of exercises, the “San Marcial” Division aims to maintain and improve the degree of availability and interoperability of all its units, by means of increasingly realistic instruction and training, to manage to anticipate current and future challenges.

Different units took part in the exercise

Different units took part in the exercise