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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Number: 7500

The Army will analyse the needs of Force 2035 in the second edition of the Army-Business Forum.

The Army Museum Foundation and the Army’s Logistical Support Command (MALE, to use its Spanish acronym) will hold the second edition of the ‘Army-Business and Research’  Forum (F2B+R), which will take place in the headquarters of the Army Museum, in Toledo, from the 1st to the 3rd of October.

This second edition of workshops, under the title ‘2B+R Forum – Force 35’  represents the achievement of the workshops which have been held throughout this year on different capacities: encampment; robotic and autonomous systems (RAS); anti-aircraft defence; fire; command and control; mobility; and protection.

The workshops came about as a result of the first edition of the Army-Business forum, which was held in May 2018, and bring together the Army, defence industry and universities to discuss the concept of Force 35.

In this way, the MALE continues to develop the F2B+R concept, as a bidirectional relationship between the Army, whose equipment and technological needs must be met in order to fulfil its operational requirements, and businesses and technological centres, which have development and industrial solutions to satisfy these requirements.

Promotional sign for the Army-Businesses Forum

Promotional sign for the Army-Businesses Forum

The F2B+R workshops are made up of day long seminars based on presentations which establish a point of focus about a specific military capacity.  This makes it easier to open up avenues for research and experimentation whilst also promoting collaborative interaction between companies and technology centres.

The objective of all of this is to define the concept of an “advantageous force”, with a view to the 2035 horizon. To do this they must identify the most suitable systems and the most disruptive technology which will ensure the units have the operational potential which they need in order to face future challenges.

With the 2019 Forum, the MALE is looking to synthesize all of the work which it has carried out until now. To do this, it will tackle three themes: the first, “Conceptual and Experimentation” is dedicated to updating concepts and lessons learned up to the present in the experimentation process; the second, “Technological Projects”, will deal with the Army’s research and development projects; and the third, “Anticipation”, will allow them to present ideas about how to carry out a new procurement paradigm based on the acquisition of complete combat Brigades.

It will also highlight the importance of certain collaborative projects, present the main conclusions from the International Defence Trade Fair and will establish the basis for technological development in the Army’s future Logistical Base.

As well as the lecture programme designed by the MALE, the 2019 Army-Business Forum will include specific activities, known as ‘stimulators’, which will be carried out by the Army, through which certain capabilities sought by the Army will be dynamically visualised.