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Ministry of Defence

Ejército de Tierra

'Boletín Tierra' Newspaper Reports

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Number: 5274

The Armoured Brigade carries out exercise ‘Armored Head’ at San Gregorio

A Pizarro tank at San Gregorio

A Pizarro tank at San Gregorio (Photo: BRIAC XII)

Urban warfare training

Urban warfare training (Photo: BRIAC XII)

Aerial support during the exercise

Aerial support during the exercise (Photo: BRIAC XII)

Over 1,500 soldiers, 270 tracked vehicles and 170 wheeled vehicles have been taking part in exercise ‘Armored Head’ from 16 to 31 May at the training centre San Gregorio, in Zaragoza. It was organised by the 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade ‘Guadarrama’, known by its Spanish acronym BRIAC.

The exercise has also involved other units, both from Spain and from abroad. In effect, it included aerial support from several NATO members, currently in Zaragoza for the annual gathering NATO Tiger Meet, which brings together 15 countries.

A multinational force of helicopters and fighters has taken part in the exercise: Mi-24s and Mi-17s from the Czech Republic, Gazelles from France, AB-212s from Italy and Pumas from the United Kingdom, as well as F-16s from Belgium. They have supported the BRIAC armoured and mechanised tactical units, providing Close Air Support (CAS), Close Combat Attack (CCA) and medical evacuations.

Two electronic warfare teams, two cyber defence teams and several helicopters from the Army Helicopter Forces have also been involved in the exercise, under BRIAC’s tactical command. 'Armored Head' is a regiment-level exercise which for the first time has integrated the command and control systems Battlefield Management System (BMC) and Hermes