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‘Resolute Support’: A further step in the preparation of NATO’s tactical exercise

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Number: 4381

Spain continues preparations for the important NATO tactical exercise known as “Trident Juncture”. From 15 to 19 June, the Operational Staff of the Host Nation Support Coordination Joint Command (known by the acronym EMF HNSC) have advanced their instruction and training plan with the exercise “Resolute Support” at their base in Atocha (A Coruña).

The exercise aimed at continuing the training of EMF HNSC at its facilities so they could reach Initial Operational Capability (IOC). It was the continuation of the comprehensive instruction and training programme which started in March with the “Initial Support” exercise, which involved the activation of EMF HNSC at their permanent facilities and included the revision and, where necessary, the drafting of the operational documents necessary for the deployment, activation and operation of EMF HNSC (internal organisation and operation, command and control of subordinate units); the validation of approved EMF HNSC personnel; and the instruction and training of EMF HNSC.

The exercise was led by the Operational Logistics Force HQ and involved personnel from the Army, the Air Force, the Navy and the Civil Guard.

The Trident Juncture exercise will take place in Spain, Portugal and Italy in October and November. The tactical exercise will put to the test and improve the operational capability of the NATO Response Force.

Participants in the exercise

Participants in the exercise (Photo: FLO)