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Official Reception of the 3/207 Operational Mentor and Liaison Team Headquarters (OMLT – H.Q. 3/207)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Number: 857

Presided over by the Airborne Light Infantry Brigade Commander, General Alonso Miranda

The Ceremony was celebrated on Base “General Morillo” (Pontevedra).

Official reception for OMLT H.Q. 3/207Official reception for OMLT H.Q. 3/207Official reception for OMLT H.Q. 3/207

General Alonso, Commander of 7th Airborne Light Infantry Brigade “Galicia”, has presided over an official reception ceremony of the OMLT – HQ, its bulk made up of personnel belonging to 7th Airborne Light Infantry Brigade “Galicia”, which has been held this morning on Base “General Morillo” and has consisted of a Military Parade made up of the thirty some members of this Team.
The flight with the members who had made up the OMLT-HQ, landed at the Santiago de Compostela airport, after a stopover at Madrid-Barajas airport on the night on 31st March, on the return trip from Afghanistan, where they had been deployed for the last six months. 
The OMLTs (Operational Mentor and Liaison Teams) have deployed in various regions in Afghanistan since their arrival in the Asiatic country on 21st September last, where they have undertaken missions of preparation, mentoring and support for the formation of the Headquarters of the 3rd Brigade of the Afghan National Army’s 207th Army Corps, likewise acting as the liaison between the International Security Assistance Force and this Headquarters.
This Team from the Airborne Light Infantry Brigade has been the first constituted by the Spanish Army and its importance lies in the fact that the Afghan National Army’s operations in Bagdhis are going to depend on this Headquarters.