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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Number: 811

Burgos hosts, until 25th February, the Communication System meeting

The Army updates its Communication policy

The heads of the Army Communication System are meeting, from 21st to 25th February, on Base "Diego Porcelos" (Burgos), where the Heavy Force Headquarters is situated.  The meeting brings together those in charge of all the units’ communication offices –from Brigades to first level Commands- There they deal with the new orientation of communication policy, both internal and external (Internet and intranet), public relations, the labour of “Tierra” newspaper, etc.


The Army updates its Communication policyThe Communication System meeting began on 21st February, with an address by the commander of the Army Department of Communication, Colonel Conde, who presented the main innovations that have occurred during the previous year.  In turn, the commander of Heavy Forces, General Guerra, gave a lecture on the evolution of communication in the Army, a subject that he masters due to having been the precursor to the Army Department of Communication in the mid nineties.

The Army updates its Communication policy

That same day, the heads of the Communication System went to the Burgos City Hall, where they were received by the mayor, Mr. Juan Carlos Aparicio, who had words of praise and recognition for the army; likewise, he highlighted the military tradition of the city of Burgos. The alderman himself acted as host on a short tour of the Council Building.