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  • The Brigade “Extremadura” prepares for its next deployment in Latvia

'Boletín Tierra' Newspaper Reports

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Number: 8352

In Bótoa (Badajoz)

The Brigade “Extremadura” prepares for its next deployment in Latvia

Urban combat traning

Urban combat traning

View on board a "Pizarro" tank

View on board a "Pizarro" tank

The “Pizarro” Mechanized Subgroup, generated by the Cantabria I / 6 Mechanized Infantry Battalion, of the 11th Brigade “Extremadura”, has carried out a day of continuous instruction, between March the 2nd and 3rd, in the training grounds of the "General Menacho" base, in Bótoa (Badajoz), which serves as preparation for its next mission in Latvia.

The objective of the activity was to consolidate procedures, as part of its training exercises for the specific training period, before deployment in the area of operations, scheduled for next July.

At first, the mechanized sections and the battle tanks carried out tactical advances for contact in their respective areas of action and, later, the units completed delaying and attrition actions, putting into practice contact breaks with the enemy forces. Finally they took advantage of the night-time to form several successive surveillance lines.

During these three moments, the Support Weapons Section of the Mechanized Subgroup was fully integrated, contributing its different capabilities. The RPAS Raven platoon, for its part, was used to acquire objectives for different combat sections, while the heavy mortar platoon was in charge of executing and correcting its fire actions coordinated by a Tactical Air Control Party (TACP).

At the same time, and always following the protection measures imposed by COVID-19, the ground combat elements carried out actions in urbanized areas in the Los Guateles polygon, as well as live-fire and manoeuvres, in the 300-meter field.

At dawn, a tactical exercise was completed with the entire Subgroup, divided into three phases: advance for contact, consolidation of the occupation level and delay actions, which served as a first contact for the level of readiness to execute tactics and takeover, breakout, flanking and deployment techniques and procedures.

With this first exercise, the components of the “Pizarro” Subgroup begin their process of operational and organisational cohesion before their next deployment in the Baltic country.