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Spain’s National Day 2016

The events will be held on 12 October 2016 at Paseo del Prado and Paseo de Recoletos in Madrid

Spain’s National Day 2014

Events to celebrate Spain’s National Day

Events in Madrid


10 October: Call to Quarters

On Saturday 10 October around 20:00h in the vicinity of the Royal Palace in Madrid, with participation of the main military bands of the Army units stationed in Madrid and those visiting on the occasion of the land parade for Spain’s National Day.

Participating units:

  • Military Band of the Parachute Brigade (BRIPAC)
  • Military Band of the Royal Guard
  • Military Band of the Legion’s Brigade (BRILEG)
  • Military Band of the 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade (BRIAC XII)
  • Military Band of the General Air Command
  • Military Band "Nuba" of the 52nd Melilla Regulars Group (GRM 52)
  • Military Band of the 1st Infantry Regiment “King’s Immemorial”


12 October: Main ceremony on the occasion of Spain’s National Day

The following events will take place on Monday 12 October from 10:30h in the vicinity of Plaza de Cánovas del Castillo:

  • Military honours upon the arrival of Their Majesties the King and Queen and review by His Majesty the King: A battalion of the Royal Guard with Command and Chiefs of Staff, three companies, Legion Battalion, Parade Squad, Music Unit and Yeomen Unit.
  • Hoisting of and tribute to the Spanish Flag. Tribute to those who have given their lives for Spain. Flagmen and Royal Guard banners.
  • Land parade along the Paseo del Prado and Paseo de Recoletos avenues, from Glorieta de Carlos V until Plaza de Colón, with the participation of units from the Army, the Air Force, the Navy and the Civil Guard.
  • Lowering of the Spanish Flag: After the land parade the Honours Section of the Army, together with the Parade Squad, the Music Band and Flagmen, will lower the Flag.


12 October: Concerts to mark the end of the Parade

  • Military music concert at Plaza de Cánovas del Castillo by the Music Band of the Marine Infantry Group.
  • Military music concert at the historic gardens of Palacio de Buenavista, by the Music Unit of the 1st Infantry Regiment “Immemorial of the King”.
  • Military music concert at Plaza de Colón (Jardines del Descubrimiento) by the Music Unit of the Army Cantonment Executive, BRILEG and GRM 52.

 Actividades día de la Fiesta Nacional de España 2016

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Photo gallery of the 2015 events


Events of Spain's National Day 2016

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Sequence of events
Parade Organisation
Participating Units
Parade map

Jornada puertas abiertas 

The Spanish Army Headquarters opens its garden´s gates on the occasion of the National Day 2016:

On October 12th, besides strolling around the gardens of the Buenavista Palace, the visitors can enjoy the following activities:

  • Concert of the Military Music Unit of the 1st 'King's Immemorial' Infantry Regiment
  • Vignettes' Exhibit that sketch artist Esteban has dedicated to the Spanish Army
  • Canvasses and photographies' Exhibit, winners of the Army Awards 2016
  • Army's different material Exhibit

The garden´s gates will open once the National Day Military Parade ends. They will remain open for 2 hours.

Retreta dia de la Fiesta Nacional de España 2016 (pdf, abre en ventana nueva) 

 Call to Quarters programme